Saturday, April 25, 2009

You know you live in the country . . .

- when you move your stove and find where the mouse has been hiding and can clean it up with out screaming

- when you have multiple rolls of duct tape placed strategically around your property with packing knives and baling twine for emergency repairs

- when your loving cat brings half of a snake and you wonder where the other half is again without screaming

- when you have different sets of work clothes depending on how dirty and gross the job is

- when a relaxing day is when all the living things are accounted for and healthy

- when only other country people can appreciate that farm equipment, tools, etc., really does multiple at night - except if you truly need it then its missing

- when de-ticking the dog is a regular spring time event

-when you order fly parasites and actually know what they do

- when someone else feeds for you, so you get to sleep in, is considered a truly loving act and feels luxurious

- when you stop noticing the aroma of your (horses/dogs/cows/pigs), that city people pick up on right away

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