Thursday, October 28, 2010

Meet Noomi

We've added a new member to our family - Noomi - a purebred Great Pyrenees LGD dog.  She's four months old in this photo taken today.

A good friend, and fellow Mini breeder, Holly Bradshaw, found the puppies, and we took the long drive yesterday up into a gorgeous part of Northern California that I'd never been to before.  We met outside Oregon City and drove up up near Camtonville, then down n a fairly windy one lane road to a private ranch with awesome views.

The breeder met us as her road was fairly impassible with the recent rains, or at least impassible without a fairly sturdy 4-wheel drive vehicle.  We met, the dam and uncle of the puppies. Uncle is HUGE!  We're not sure the puppies will get that big, but there great personality, calmness and the fact they've been raised in with livestock was a plus!  Her mother has even taken on bears and Noomi and her siblings have witnessed it.  So they do know there stuff.

We're just making sure she knows ALL the dogs, horses, llamas, cats and chickens are her family not invaders - lol!

So, Noomi and her sister (Jasmin?) came home with Holly and I.  Noomi slept the whole way -drooling all over my leg part of the trip.  Great puppy.  She's yet to have the usual, 'OMG where am I and where's my mom?' puppy issues.  She had dinner and passed out for the night in Anya's room.  She did wake her up at 4 a.m. to play - lucky Anya!

Today she went out with us to learn the morning work schedule, and has been taking everything in stride - even the leash, considering it was her first experience with one.

Noomi though, as caused quite a stir with our animals.  The horses and llamas which see our dogs every day were like WHAT IS THAT?  Blanca, one of our llamas, was alerting to the point we thought aliens were invading.  If you haven't heard that particular llama noise, imagine the sound effects from a horror or sci-fi movie and you'd be close!

Even the horses acted like we'd brought a bear out to meet them.  If we'd had a camera oh what beautiful head shots - lol!

Our dogs are still not sure what to make of her, but Noomi is totally unconcerned with them.  I think she'll do great here, so far everything has been fine with her and she's adapting well.  No aggression, just curiosity.

Noomi  is named after the brilliant actress Noomi Rapace, from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy movies.  The name means sweetness and pleasantness.  Seems fitting so far!