Thursday, September 08, 2011

September and finally back

Well I've been AWOL for a bit, but it's been a fast and busy few weeks.

I had to deal with the death of my dog.  You know the dog that is your gaga, super-buddy, can't think what you'd do with out pet - yea that one. Sweetie was accidentally ran over in front of our house, and I felt horrible for the worker, as I know it was not intentional.  But still knocked me out of commission for a few days.  I did find out one useful thing, I can't self induce a heart-attack, as I tried - yes I was that upset while burying her.  On top of that we've had my car in/out of the shop, my PC died, house repairs and I finally had surgery to repair an umbilical hernia.  So fun times!

The horses though apparently are thriving on neglect, as other than feeding/watering and checking them they've had zero entertainment or interaction, well other than some scratches.  As I'm still out of commission a few more weeks, hooves are getting long - not too creepy but definitely due for Tomas time!

Other than the personal fun though, the horses are doing well, still chunky, although it looks pretty sparse on the hills they're still waddling down.  Silhouette injured her eye (fully recovered now), so has been in the backyard for a month.  She loves to hang there and has enjoyed her daily browsing on peaches, roses and all the green growing grass.  She know looks oh eight months pregnant and isn't.  

The foals are all old enough to be weaned, but I think I'm going to wait another month or so.  Jitters and Cricket are pretty independent now, but Bailey's still a mommas girl.  I'd rather wait until it's a little bit cooler weather.  Their dams, Val, Annie and Swan are all resembling 'normal' horses as they've trimmed down quite a bit.  I'm not looking forward to weaning, maybe look at the Farmer's Almanac and find the good times for the next couple of months!

AMHR Nationals start today (September 8) and run through the 18th.  Show info available at Horse Show Online's site.  Best of luck to all everyone that is competing.  Just going is a big deal, IMHO, so hope everyone has a wonderful time!  According to the pie chart on Horse Show Online - 12% of the exhibitors are from Texas. 4% from California - go California - lol!

Google+  I still have invites if anyone would like to try it, send me an email!