Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter fun

Spent the day, catching horses (Boo and Jai Ho are off tomorrow) to their new home on Saturday with Holly & Gary Bradshaw.

Grabbed poor Zydeco, as he's finally leaving the mare herd, or should say is again leaving them! We weaned the 2009 foals in October, but two months away from mom didn't do the trick! So, we need to find him a buddy to go through the trauma again. Likely Raider, he's here and friendly enough.

We're leaving Blessing, Vanna and Surprise with the mares. Una's getting a little thin, but nothing scary, and as we're not breeding any of them, not too worried. The number of inquiries we've had on Surprise I doubt she'll be here by March 1st anyway.

Other fun today, started going through my daughter's show clothes. Time to put them up for sale! Some she never did wear, but none fit her anyway. So, took photos now have to get them on photobucket and price them. Also took photos of the video's (driving, clipping, etc.) I'm ready to let find new homes!

Next will be the books and magazines. Last will be ten boxes of horse blankets, halters and other stuff! Amazing what you accumulate in 10 years - lol! Time to pare it down to what I really need to keep.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Random shots

As we've been updating the sales list, we took some random shots of the mare herd one day in all their glory...muddy, winter woolies, but still beautiful.

Anya is getting mobbed as usual by them. Ivan her gelding (Wesco Farms Bucks Cosmonaut ET) is front row with her (the silver dun). Remy is to the right, behind her is Deva, Dipper, Gemini, Twila, Boo, Cookie and Baybee's nose!

Valentina, (Wesco Farms AToy4Me Brazen Beauty). Val is such a pretty mare, besides having a superb personality and great conformation. We've loved both the foals she's produced too. A definite keeper!

Remy (Wards Creek Extreme Dream), she has such a pretty head and gorgeous eye.

Sarah (Wesco Farms Tricked Me Tina), just love this mare. My daughter Anya is playing with her...Sarah has the patience's of a saint! LOL!!

Patsy (Wesco Farms Checkered Dream) My only Little Kings Dream Demon daughter we have. Hopefully we'll breed her in 2011.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Who's herding who?

Vanna (Wesco Farms Vanna White BB), the one-eyed wonder. She doesn't realize she's pint size at all (she's under 26" right now). Having one eye hasn't slowed her down either. Most people don't notice she has only one as she full bore in go most of the time.

Here she's looking for trouble...

Vanna spied Fraiser, one of our mini Aussies (he's our biggest one), and pursuit began.

Poor Fraiser is a chicken for being a good size Aussie. So time to flee from the might of Vanna.

Fortunately, Fraiser is fast...

Vanna almost caught him, but he made it out and under the fence. Maybe this is why the coyotes have been absent this year....

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year!

WoW! Fell off the blogging again. Life gets busy and time is at a premium, so some things get dropped! Oh well...

Recap the last quarter of '09

Vanna did end up with vision in her right eye and is staying in the munchkin height range. I doubt she'll get as tall as her mom, Jamaica (under 27"), but the do look like carbon copies. We're definitely keeping her as we downsize.

April, Avril and Corona went to new homes. It's always sad to see them go, but they went to good places.

We're finally reducing the herd and in this economic market, have really been taking a hit on prices. But we're trying to be very careful on screening families and making sure they're a good fit. Kristi Soholt, Viking Wind Farms, has been invaluable helping me with this project. Our overall goal is to reduce the herd to a managable number (for me as I tend to do this by myself) of 22 minis. So, unfortunately some really hard choices have had to be made. Horses I never thought I'd sell are going and some of the retired horses are leaving this week for a new retirement home.

Wednesday is going to be a heartbreak when Callita, Tina and Sonnet leave, but it's to wonderful homes with some caring individuals. I'll be numb then a puddle of tears, I'm sure. It sounds like wonderful homes.

Other than that there were no major accidents, injuries, etc! Yeah!