Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year!

WoW! Fell off the blogging again. Life gets busy and time is at a premium, so some things get dropped! Oh well...

Recap the last quarter of '09

Vanna did end up with vision in her right eye and is staying in the munchkin height range. I doubt she'll get as tall as her mom, Jamaica (under 27"), but the do look like carbon copies. We're definitely keeping her as we downsize.

April, Avril and Corona went to new homes. It's always sad to see them go, but they went to good places.

We're finally reducing the herd and in this economic market, have really been taking a hit on prices. But we're trying to be very careful on screening families and making sure they're a good fit. Kristi Soholt, Viking Wind Farms, has been invaluable helping me with this project. Our overall goal is to reduce the herd to a managable number (for me as I tend to do this by myself) of 22 minis. So, unfortunately some really hard choices have had to be made. Horses I never thought I'd sell are going and some of the retired horses are leaving this week for a new retirement home.

Wednesday is going to be a heartbreak when Callita, Tina and Sonnet leave, but it's to wonderful homes with some caring individuals. I'll be numb then a puddle of tears, I'm sure. It sounds like wonderful homes.

Other than that there were no major accidents, injuries, etc! Yeah!

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