Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter fun

Spent the day, catching horses (Boo and Jai Ho are off tomorrow) to their new home on Saturday with Holly & Gary Bradshaw.

Grabbed poor Zydeco, as he's finally leaving the mare herd, or should say is again leaving them! We weaned the 2009 foals in October, but two months away from mom didn't do the trick! So, we need to find him a buddy to go through the trauma again. Likely Raider, he's here and friendly enough.

We're leaving Blessing, Vanna and Surprise with the mares. Una's getting a little thin, but nothing scary, and as we're not breeding any of them, not too worried. The number of inquiries we've had on Surprise I doubt she'll be here by March 1st anyway.

Other fun today, started going through my daughter's show clothes. Time to put them up for sale! Some she never did wear, but none fit her anyway. So, took photos now have to get them on photobucket and price them. Also took photos of the video's (driving, clipping, etc.) I'm ready to let find new homes!

Next will be the books and magazines. Last will be ten boxes of horse blankets, halters and other stuff! Amazing what you accumulate in 10 years - lol! Time to pare it down to what I really need to keep.

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