Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Monday fun

Nothing exciting today - well unless you consider scraping moldy, slimy alfalfa out of the hay barn fun! The rain this past month, some of which was falling in a horizontal fashion, managed to get in and the loose hay on the floor near the windows turned into lovely glop!

The pile of 'clean' hay we rake into a pile received enough moisture to be a lovely pile of mold! The mold spores - ugh! So off to the compost pile with that as well. I have to say we've had some gorgeous alfalfa this last couple of deliveries. The horses are loving it and staying in good body condition.

The horses are all doing well. Leelee is definitely pregnant from Ringo, due in May. Need to look up his 'jump the fence and cover LeeLee day'. Chiclet I'm still on the fence about, but might be as well from Rohan's leap! All the rest of the mares show no signs of those two's attention so crossing fingers its only one or two unexpected foals this year.

Spring is in the air - a bit - as the mares are starting to show a bit of interest in the stallions! I'll be glad when the rest of the 'sold' boys leave this month. Less accidents - lol! Although the biggest culprit, Ringo, will still be here.

Time to order and get our vaccinations completed the next two months. So, inventory of syringes, etc., is in order.

I had planned to get to all of Anya's show clothes and post prices, etc., but unexpectedly had the fun of PC cleanup/defragging my son's computer. That and I've had the brilliant idea of backing up all my music to a HD! Never knew I had so many CD's until I started that project! 6.6+ days of music as of last count.

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