Thursday, March 19, 2009

Two years later . . .

Apparently I completely forgot about this blog!  Two years and two weeks later - I'm back!!!

As to the state of things at Wesco Farms -

We all know the economy sucks!  I've not been marketing or trying to market the horses because of this.  Right now the herd is 62 (I think - need to count) strong. Seventeen intact males and the balance mares/geldings of assorted ages from yearlings to 25ish retired senior mares.  

Eleven of the guys are on my list to geld - unfortunately with these uncertain economic times I've not wanted to allocate funds there.   Last year's $15-17 a bale for hay in our semi-drought, wiped out my 'horse funds', and although I know my DH will cover the cost of geldings, I'm seesawing as I'm concerned we'll have a repeat and I'll be wiped out on the feed bil.

We did aquire two new stallions last year, Topper (WCR Top Cop) and Flash (Vegas Views SS Jumpin Jack Flash).  Both are pintos and really nice.  Flash was an exchange and Roger Rabbit left her for Las Vegas - I'll have to write up that trip - un!@#$@#%believable - but we made it home in one piece - eventually.  Other than that we had one of our most heavy foal crops that were colts.  Toki, Raider, McLuvin, Shaman, Sunny and Rocket - so they added to the number in the bachelor herd.  Right now they're running around lik monkeys and playing with the big boys.
The girls - Callita joined Tina, Maria, and Lady in retirement this year.  She's getting too thin after every foal and she's 21, so I felt it's time.  Tina the old hussy at 26 struts her stuff still and teases the heck out of Ringo (he that jumps all fences - the brat).  Lady is still keeping up with Tina (also 26) and moving well.  I'm sure she needs her teeth worked on, but the extra funds aren't there unfortunatel.  Maria, I can't separate her from her daughter, Patsy, or she has hysterics.  The fact that Patsy is four doesn't matter to Maria - ITS HER BABY!!

I do have a few other mares that are retired, although it was a personal decision not a age related issue.  ET, Sissy are two - the original ladies that along with Woody are the W, E and S of Wesco Farms name.  I never sell ET's foals or havn't yet - lol - and Sis well she's my special girl so I don't want anything to happen to her.  We have her daughter, Dazzle, and son McLuvin, here as well - so she's retired . . . for now!

The rest of the ladies are fat - hairy, tangled manes and did I mention fat?  I'm glad though they alll came through winter in good flesh.  I hate to think of them losing weight and cold so tend to pile it on in the winter.

Avril, the mother of ET (another retiree) we got back last fall is doing well.  She lost her excess weight, her hooves are back in good order (reminds me time to call Tomas we need to get back on trimming schedule), and her founder is gone.  She seems happy to be back and will likely die here with her family around her.  

We're expecting seven foals.  Twila, Val, Jamaica, Sarah, Chiclet, Missy and Java for sure. Dresden looks possible and Cajun I think is a no-go again.

Me - I've been AWOL from all things mini-related the past six months - okay closer to a year.  Life does take unexpected turns at times, doesn't it?  A busy teen, disgust with the political machinations on both registries and overall apathy on my part - so I gave myself a timeout!

I'm trying to get back interested and involved, but honestly looking at time and schedule it's likely to be another couple years before my daughter can drive (the taxi service end - yea!), I've been toying with going back to school - I'm an education junkie - so that is also a possibility too.  

Hubby - working like a dog to support all of this.  He's a blessing that's for sure.

The kids - both still help out but we've discovered this past year - the horses truly are my passion, not theirs.  So, they help with all things but will never have the joy I do with horses.

Anyway, back to the horses! 

Fortunately they're all doing well.  Grass is growing, it's 77 degrees (in March!) so they're running around enjoying life.  Now to make it through foaling season without mishap will be the goal.  Hopefully get those boys gelded.  Work on my website (ugh what a mess that is!).  Bring all my outstanding paperwork current - my 'timeout' left lots of stuff undone!!!!!

Hopefully the posts will be a bit more regular from now on.