Thursday, April 09, 2009

Rain, hay and horses

It's raining - yeah!  

It's cooler than normal, or so it seems - we've had the weirdest weather this year.  But it's raining!!!!!  

We need the rain, so I'm glad for that.  Not for the mud though.  We have that adobe thick, stick-to-you, type mud that turns into hardscape, unwalkable, cracked yuck the minute it dries.  It would be fantastic if I wanted to build a mud house, but otherwise . . . pass!  Fortunately the ground is absorbing the rain nicely and the mud isn't getting deep.

Fortunately, our hay order was delivered and stored during a break in the weather yesterday, so it didn't get soaked.  Hay price was lower  (another yeah) down to $13.50 a bale alfalfa.  So hoping the price will drop more once we than can start harvesting.  I know we'll never see the other side of $10 again, but wouldn't that be sweet!                                                          

We worked for an hour on the cameras t0 watch the mares at night and I can't get the dang cameras to work outside.  How do you forget something in a year?  They'll work in the house, but move to the deck and nope!  I think I have an antenna somewhere - maybe that's the problem.  I'll have to go through the box again . . .  Being sleep deprived, is not making me a happy camper right now.

Otherwise the horses are doing well.  Everyone looks good with only a few tubby, non-pregnant ones.  I can't keep Ray trimmed down, he has the old style build like his Dad (Houdini) and always is round.  Add to that an enormous love to eat and he's a chunky monkey.

Funny Sonnet, finally has someone to bully - she was chasing poor Savvy around.  Savvy is so docile and sweet, to be chased by Sonnet (who's glad not to be the lowest horse in the pecking order anymore!), was borderline comical.  I always think Savvy is getting pushed off her hay, but her figure tells another story - I can't get her trimmed down either.

Looking at Java today, I'm wondering if she might beat Chiclet to the punch with the next foal.  Calypso is bagged too, so ???   I'd love 2 busy days of lots of mares foaling and be done with it - if they're all born alive and healthy that is.  This is sleep deprivation speaking right now!!!

Well I best go be productive.  Maybe track down the antenna that might be the missing link with the cameras.  argh

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