Wednesday, April 01, 2009

MareStare . . .

Watching nine mares.  I've read the Excel spreadsheet that shows nine names and said seven to myself.  I count the horses (nine mares) and say seven to myself.  People ask how many foals are we expecting and I say seven.

 I guess I'm still in denial that we have NINE MARES PREGNANT!!!!  We only bred 13 total (including three that aren't ours), so basically of the 10 that are ours NINE ARE PREGNANT!  Great statistically speaking but I seriously expected 3-5 as we used two new stallions.  I guess they'd been saving up so to speak!

Oh well.  Hopefully healthy!  If we can get all fillies, great conformation and color - it will be a fantastic foaling season - lol!!!

Well it's 2:27 a.m. - Calypso, Sarah and Chiclet are due now, so I'm sure they'll wait til I fall over asleep from exhaustion to foal or while I'm running my daughter to the dentist tomorrow.  I won't mind if they can do it without problems.  

As Calypso lost her last foal to GOKW (God Only Knows Why), so I'd really like her to have a live one (her only surviving foal - Jamaica is pregnant this year too!).  Calypso is one of our smaller mares - she's right around 28" (registered 28.50") and carries overo - not that she's produced it but she carries it!  

Sarah is a maiden and hopefully will be just like her dam Tina, popped out 14 foals never lost one!  She's a gorgeous mare (Little Kings Echo Diablo x Pences Tina) with her dam's movement, sire's prettiness and a wonderful personality - unlike her half sister Cajun that is a @#$% on wheels!  

Chiclet is one of those overly placid mares, so I'm hoping she'll do fine. She's our Rowdy daughter and I'm crossing my fingers for another filly from her.

The rest of the ladies-in-waiting are due in the coming three weeks, except for Dresden.  She's the only one due in May.  All even if they go long should be done by mid May.  I'll be glad of that. It's too hot here to have foals in the summer.  So unless Ringo's jumping the fence last year brings some surprise foals I'll be sleeping the night through by June - lol!!

Crossing fingers we'll have a good foaling season and praying for healthy live foals and healthy happy mares for everyone!

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