Sunday, April 19, 2009

Welcome #2

Welcome foal #2 - Wesco Farms While U Were Sleeping.  I've toyed with the names -  Caught Off Guard and While U Were Napping,  Ha Ha Fooled U - as Twila pulled a fast one.  

All our energy has been focused on Calypso, Chiclet and Java so she went off in the corner, quietly had her daughter (yea a filly!) and was very nonchalant about the whole thing!

As for specs on this filly - color is anyone's guess!  Dam is bay roan, sire is listed as palomino but I think he's silver and he carries overo.  So, we'll have to see what she changes into!

She does have blue eyes, white legs, facial white and legs that are looking B size likely or very tall A.  Twila is being a fantastic mother, so we're happy for her.  

Other news 

- We're officially on the last month of foaling, as everyone is due today, with last foaling dates (unless someone goes over) of May 17th.  So, we're praying for healthy and alive foals, healthy mares with an extra pretty please on the fillies with color!!

- Sassie found her sister Peanut's hole into the pregnant mares pasture and is now in there.  Deva has overly curious daughters (heck our whole herd is!) that see a 3" opening and must go!! So both those stinkers need to be booted out.  Peanut eats so much she's almost as round as she is tall.  
- Its really hot today for April.  Someone said it should be in the 90's so ugh!  Too hot for that!

-  Good news from Kris Murphee - Zorro x Bonnie produced a black colt -unexpectedly from a pinto x buckskin, but there is that chance.  Fortunately healthy and alive - those are always my goals.

- Bad news from Jen & Susan Davis - Chocho hiplocked in a bad delivery and her black colt died.  They did like the foal well enough, so Cho is coming back in a few weeks to bred back to Bonus Bucks.  Poor ChoCho mooned after him and followed him around like a puppy so I'm sure she won't mind!  That was their second black colt this year.  Seems like Northern CA is having the year of black colts!

- My most senior mare Stouts Ladybird, I'm not sure if she's reaching her end of days, but she seems to really be slowing down.  She's 26 and just seems more tired everyday.  She eats, is in good flesh, etc., but lays down more to sleep and just seems  . . tired.  Tina is also 26 and is very robust, still cycling and acts 10 years younger than her age.  So, I'm not sure if I'm worrying unnecessarily, she's not acting off or sick, she just seems tired.  That's the only way to put it.  I was going to let them out on the hills, but may hold off.

- I need to get on to ordering fly predators.  They really help and with the heat we're having now the flies will start popping out.

Thats about it - off to go check the new foal!

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