Thursday, April 02, 2009

Farrier Visit

I love it when the horses are cooperative and we can get through trimming day easily!  Ringo, all the retired mares and pregnant ones are now done.  

Sarah (with her embarassingly long feet did not get trimmed as she took one look at Tomas and was having nothing to do with him near her new baby!  So, she'll have to wait to the next trim date in two weeks.

We scheduled trimming days out through the end of May - and it will take that long to get caught up after missing two appointments earlier this year.

I wormed them all, and Anna (lucky girl!) had the joy of bag washing.  

The mares are not very interested in having anyone near their privates until the warm water works its magic and gets rid of all the built up crud - then they'll practically spread their legs for it - lol!

Only a few of the mares have bags (Chiclet, Calypso and Java), the rest are almost no-existant.  So, I'm wondering if they'll be going in May instead of mid-April.

Everyone is shedding so badly its flying hair everywhere.  I'm ambitious this year to get everyone bathed, cleaned up and photo'd before June.  It sounds good in theory, but life seems to get in the way of plans - lol!!!

It's suppose to rain this weekend - so Calypso will probably foal.  

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