Thursday, April 23, 2009


Technology.  In many ways it doesn't affect most of what we do with our horses - they don't care if we blog, tweet, add a photo to a wall, use facebook, myspace, a forum, email, or cell phones.  They want food, water, buddies and to be safe above all things.  I'm sure at times my horses look at me more as maid service and a complete annoyance (when the farriers truck is driving up or I'm approaching with a syringe!).  So they don't give a flying fig about all the new changes that make our life more interesting.  I won't say easier as the learning curve and keeping up is a bit of a challenge for aging America!

But these tools that are purely for our own convenience are wonderful ways to market your horses and share the passion and love for your breed(s) of choice.  I'm all about making American Miniature Horse #1 breed of choice and would love to have people call them Minis versus minis as in they are Miniature Horses (a breed) versus miniature horses (a height).  I won't go off here on that tangent as that is a long rant!

I will share though, there is another side of me that loves all things techie (yes I'm a multi PC, laptop carrying, Iphone loving geek) and I've used the most current innovations for marketing (former realtor with one of the first websites in the area back when people were still cold calling!).  So as soon as my 'pet' purchase turned into a business - Wesco Farms was on the web and has been with its current address since I think 2000.  

(Another post in the making - bloated/out of date websites - ours is in dismal shape.  I've been learning html and css sheets when I can, but life has been busy and things keep stalling out.  So
our hard to get around site sits.  I've stored way tooooooo much information on our site over the past nine years and I'm going to start deleting all the extas that I don't use.)

I will admit though, I get a kick whenever I meet someone and tell them my name - they're polite but the blank look of non-recognition is there.  Then someone invariable tells them the ranch name and I get the "Oh I know you!"  I always inwardly smile as, not to be mean but no they don't know ME, they know Wesco Farms website, not me personally.  I was segueing into that . . . as  I'm tackling - after much resistance - the new frontier: Facebook , Twitter and a few other of the social ways to connect online.  

Another admission - I have a hard time believing anyone cares or wants to read some of the things I might write  -does someone really want to hear about my yummy protein shake for breakfast? or that what I'm reading?  My friends or family maybe, but strangers?

So, I'm stretching my need for privacy muscles and putting bits and pieces out there.

What I've enjoyed so far is Twitter.  I've been surprised how much and also surprised at the lack of Mini people on.  I know that will change over time, but I've been avoiding it for a good year or so, so thought there would be an established group by now.

Another one that I've been randomly using and have asked Chad the site owner to add a Twitter account to is this is aimed at all things rural (which most of us are) so you might want to give it a looksee. 

So, what's your favorite?  I'd love to hear from some people - Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, other?

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