Saturday, April 04, 2009

Just another Saturday . . .

Still sick. No new babies. Gorgeous weather.  Horses are all fine.  The rain is going around us again!

So today as I still feel like crap and other than visiting Sarah and April for a bit, I worked on our website.  It's been literally decaying away the past year as I've been unsure what I wanted to do with it or how to change improve it.  

Well, as I'm still on the fence as to what do to with it, and I've been working on learning better html and css to incorporate that, but that's a whole 'nother story!!!

As, I've had a fondness for adding green for some reason  - the color of Spring or I don't know what - but I've been adding it in!  I'll probably hate it and think it's garish in a couple of months but at least it looks different!!

I've updated some pages, but so much needs to be completely reworked and much needs to just be deleted.  I've decided horses that I no longer own and/or are not directly in my horses pedigrees - well lots of those pages are going to go.

I've also been working on a better table to display pedigrees as I know most people (or so it seems) aren't interested in a full pedigree, just the first few generations.  Heck, if it's not DNA/PQ tested anyone there is no guarantee what is listed is correct anyway!!!

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