Friday, April 17, 2009

It's a beautiful day . . .

Warm, sunny, a few whispy clouds and no wind.  

No wind is a big plus here at certain times of the year - when we first
 moved here not recognizing the unique weather pattern we had I watched a metal shed (9x12ish size) roll over a fence, take out a pipe from our well - can we say fire hydrant water shooting 35+ feet, continue rolling, jump another fence and land on another building!  We've learned to secure things since then!

So to feed the horses without eating hay or wearing it is a wonderful and exciting.  My feeding outfit is ugly to the extreme - low ride muckboots, old pants, 2 knit shirts (mock high necks), a long sleeve sweater, floppy hat, sunglasses and gloves - I wear this gawd-awful outfit as it keeps the majority of the hay from contacting  me - and I wear it year-round rain or shine!  You see, I have a bit of a contact allergy to grass hay and alfalfa, plus I hate having my hair full of hay, plus I hate having my hands look to much like they belong to a ditch digger (a slight vanity I know!), plus I'm part vampire and hate being in the sun - so I dress in my peculiar yet practical way, not for pretty!

I took the camera out and took many horrid photos of the horses - why can they looks so breath-takingly awesome yet I can capture the exact moment they open their mouth, turn their head or do something else not cute . . . bleah!

NFC Rowdys Lil Chiclet (our Rowdy daughter)


Las Doradas Orions Miss Java Jive
She's looking very rotund (from the side - dropped/bagged) and I'm going to laugh if she beats Chiclet and Calypso.


Retired mare Tanglewood Farms Maria (yes missing an eye), 
with her two daughters
 Wesco Farms So Chic (Holly) in the middle, and 
Wesco Farms Demons Checkered Past (Patsy) with the lovely gaping mouth.

Four photos to get this - and this is the best so just imagine the rest.


Las Doradas Cajun Courtesan - 
the sneaky mare has been hiding she's pregnant!!!


Sarah (Cajun's half sister) with daughter, Miss April at 17 days old

I have a few of the boys but they still need to be edited and reduced in size - my camera takes them sized about 24x30 something, but the quality is good.  Now to just get a good photographer behind he lens!


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