Thursday, April 02, 2009

Fun of farming living . . .

The past few weekends my DH, Frank, and the kids had loads of fun (pun there!) as they rerocked some of our low spots and walk-ways.  

We realize we're going to strip-mine a whole hill to get rock everywhere we want it, but it was a start!  (We have a mile long driveway that the county does NOT maintain, and the potholes were getting dangerous!)

We just rerocked the private section of our road (had it professionally done and it looked fantastic for a week before a huge storm washed mud across it!) but living with hills and heavy rain - ugh!  So low spots are mostly filled and part of the driveway redone.

The utility trailer (backend of a truck - I've wanted one of these for years!!!) has been so useful for the many dump runs, Home Depot visits and now loads of gravel!  I was lucky to get an 8' one so plywood lays flat - something I would not have thought of but the contractor guy (DH) did - Craigs List ftw!!!!

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