Monday, April 13, 2009

The past weekend . . .

Fun weekend - no babies of course - but a fun weekend anyway.

My DH's family came up for an Easter visit on Saturday (including friends and family from Germany), so it was a full house.  It was really great seeing everyone - especially my husband's aunt as it's about every five years we actually see her. My MiL cooked German food  - roladin, potatoes, red cabbage, salad and two types of dessert - a wonderful feast.   All I had to do was hors'deouvers - spinach dip, crudite, cheeses/meats/breads/crackers and everyone was happy!

While all this was going on, I'm of course semi-awake from watching Calypso.  She's been bagged, slab sided and looks ready since FRIDAY night!  So of course nothing.  I turned her out with Sarah during the day the past two days - still nothing!  It's cold and windy tonight so perfect weather to foal - NOT1

The rest of the mares are looking larger - I'm not sure Java can get much bigger, she's bagged, edema, waddling, so soon.  

Whenever one lays down, I'm sure this is it, but alas no.  Every year around February I think the mares can't get any bigger and they do.  Then March the same thing - by the time they foal I'm sure they're going to explode!

Kathi Donnell had came down on her way to deliver Mic to his new home, so spent a couple days with us giving us a chance to catch up on all things mini!  

I went with her to deliver Mic to his new family (Brooke Adams in Bakersfield - I didn't catch the ranch name).  They have a nice set up for their growing herd and their horses look so well cared for!  The hit for us though was the new twin baby goats!  OMG!!! They're so cute.  If someone bred 10 lbs goats wouldn't that be a hoot?  Adorable. 

It's always fun to meet new mini people and I love looking at other people's herds, set ups.  I always take away something new to try, etc., or one of those - duh why haven't I tried that!

We stopped at Harris Ranch off I5 for dinner for melt-in-your-mouth steak dinner.  It was excellent and we were stuffed.  I was glad Kathi drove as I was so sleep from the meal we'd have been in a ditch!  A long trip Winters to Bakersfield, 13 hours round trip.  We both slept well that night.  I didn't make it to bed until after 2, this running on 3-5 hours a night sleep is going to catch up to me one of these days!

Other news, Bonus Bucks has another foal on the ground, this one over at Imperial Acres.  A fine healthy black colt out of Jenn Davis' mare, Lady.  Unfortunately there goes the hope of Bonus Bucks being homozygous with a solid black son!  Oh well.  I was hoping he was homozyous as the rest of my mares he's bred to are not color producers!

I had to reschedule our farrier visit this week (educational opportunity presented itself so we needed to jump on that), so Tomas won't be here until the 30th.  I hate getting off track with trimming as it seems months to catch up.  But some things can't be helped.

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