Wednesday, December 08, 2010

It's December which in Northern California can mean - warm in the 80's or wet and gray. We have the wet and gray right now.

We need the rain, so I can't really complain but my mood tends to go into the gray bleah too, when it's like this. I want a roaring fire, hot chocolate and a good book. My guilty side says how many things I need to do, so I'm sitting at my PC going through more horse related stuff.

I did get stallion reports done and dove into the AMHR paperwork yesterday. It's not quite as bad as I thought - yeah! Other than photos and filling out a registration for Remy (so Binks will be double registered too), it's coming together.  I think I've been building up my ant hill into Mt. Everest for no reason at all!

Speaking of paperwork and AMHR, I'm so THRILLED with the recent changes.  Finally PDF files that are editable!  I've always hated the badly laid out forms that you couldn't even type to fill out that were on their site.  No more mistakes and weird names - unless I make the typo!  I'm also glad to see their making improvements including the E-newsletter.  It's really about time they've made the leap into this century!

You can join their Enewsletter here - AMHR E-NEWSLETTER

My wallet is feeling the pain though processing paperwork. The double registration fees and DNA/PQ just add up.  I've always wanted to "pick" a registry but there are things about both I love and things about both I dislike.  So stuck.

I do feel Minis are becoming more of a legitimate breed.  The registries are embracing technology, the quality of Minis is (IMHO) getting a better overall consistency, the number of books, tack and training materials available is wonderful.  Check out some of what you can get on Amazon.

This book everyone should own and buy for their vet if they're not "Mini" educated.

Back to Amazon - pages and pages of Mini stuff!  I think it's great.  I remember back in 1999, how happy I was to discover any tack, books were few, and Lil Beginnings Forum was only a few years old with a such a small audience.

Now with all the online horse resources, books, umpteen tack sellers - it's great.

Speaking of 'stuff', over the years I've acquired way to much horse 'stuff'.  I'm pretty specific about what I like now as far as daily care - halter, buckets, lead ropes, etc., although I do try all kinds of things for grooming - lol!  I've found some interesting auto brushes that work well on the horses.  Stiff enough but with a handle that makes it easier on my poor (previously broken) wrists.

So, I did go through more of the horses paraphenalia this a.m. too in the garage. I've got so much stuff! I'd like to think it's been breeding, but I know I've bought it all. Now its letting some of it go. So, trying to be thoughtful of what I really need to keep (and will use) and selling/giving away the rest.  I've been moving some of it around, to re-purpose too.  Things like the baby shampoo, mostly empty bottles came in the house for the dogs, with new to be purchased in another month.   All the foal blankets are washed and store for April.  I better not have any more surprises until then.

I was looking at the mares we've bred for Spring 2011, and none really have much of a belly yet, so I can't say with any certainty any or all are.  Comet, Swan, Val, Twila, Annie, Patsy are the ones bred to Topper and we did give Callita one cover with Demon.  Foal watch will commence with earnest March 15th, although due dates are closer to March 25 - April 30.   As they were all wet today it was a good chance to take a look, but no one had the 'oh your are' look, so we'll see. Considering I have four leggy maidens, I'm not sure how much they'll show anyway.  Heck Remy who just delivered last month looks about 7 months pregnant.  That mare can eat!

The horses don't seem to mind the rain. I always feel bad for them being out and wet, but my shelters are all dead dry and not a horse in one of them. The stallions have been playing games all day racing around back and forth. It's not aggressive, just all of sudden they take off and run! This started the mares and foals doing that, even Callita and Maria were out kicking up there heels and racing around the pasture. I'm think WTF??? Where is this weird little energy bug coming from, but glad they're all enjoying life.

I let the rehab group in the backyard to mow and they've been enjoying that. Honeybun, Baroness and Mardi Gras that have lived her most of their lives know the ins/outs of all the gates, so bribery is the only way to get them out when I need to. Mardi Gras, considering how thin she is, apparently still thinks Demon is a hot prospect as she's been flirting away with him.

These are two of her foals by him:

Wesco Farms Demons Bourbon Street "Jazz"

Wesco Farms Demon Krewe "Krewe"

Jazz completely roaned out like Demon, except for the white arrow on his butt, while Krewe never had a spec of roaning on him! Jazz was also 31" while Krewe was pushing 34". Go figure how full siblings can be so different.  It will be interesting to see what Demon and Callita can do.  I'd love a wildly colored  filly with blue eyes, but don't dare wish for it, as I'll get a muddy brown colt otherwise - lol!

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