Monday, December 20, 2010

Another Soggy Monday

I keep saying I know we need the rain, but we're so soggy.  Everywhere. The horses don't seem to mind, although I'm sure they'd love a break in all this wet too.

I can't keep the dogs dry or all their bedding. Get it washed/dried and it's wet/dirty again.  But, enough of my whining!

I've been busy yesterday and today cleaning up all the files on two PC's that I have for the horses. I think (crossing fingers) that when it's all said and done I don't delete anything I was wanting to keep!  Manually going through each document and saving or deleting - amazing how much I can accumulate, but then I always think I just may need it one day!  Plus the endless photos.  Digital is great, but then it's actually making the decision to hit delete on alot of them!  But one PC is cleaned up, now to go through all the camera disks and sort/delete/file those.  I'm not going to tackle all the CD's, but still have two backup external HD's to cleanup too.

I did start working on my website this past week.  I finally determined a layout I could live with and redid the top banner for our splash page, rewrote the front page - and can't find it today...argh.  I know I didn't delete it, but where my PC chose to hide it is annoying.

Switching to MS Office 2010 - the ribbon of annoyance I call it - I can't find things and I've used Word & Excel since the early 1980's.  I know the ribbon will be easier once I have figured out the logic, but boy do I miss the pull down menus I was so familiar with and add that to learning/using Windows 7 (Vista still on one PC) has been an adjustment.  Again, I know it's easier, but having gone through transitions over the past ...  20 years with PC's and programs, the easier versions take me longer to find things from the way that I KNOW how to find them!

While I've been cleaning/deleting, here's a couple of old pics -

Las Doradas Etoile de Mar (ET or the E in WESCO), pregnant in 2000 with Una, my first foal.  Very overfed in my new-to-Minis days.  When Una was three months old the vet weighed ET at 350lbs and told me to get 50 lbs off her - lol!  She's a very beloved stinker here.  Too too too smart.  In ten years, I've never been at a foaling of hers, I've come when they're almost over, but she can literally hit the ground and foal in the time it takes to go to the bathroom!  She's done that to me more than once.

Mares out on the hills - spring a couple years ago.  This is one of the valley's they hang out in during the day. This time of year it has a season creek running through it.  We're almost that green right now with all the rain and it being warm enough the grass is still growing. We bought this place in February and it was gorgeous with the hills covered in wild grasses and basically untouched.

Some of the fillies in 2002, with a new toy. Some were here being boarded, so I didn't own them all, and only Jiji the palomino is still here. (**Jen - Kings dam on the left. Holly - Summer on the right, and Sherry - Pirate in the background).

Ringo (Wesco Farms Buckerowdyroo), in 2003 with one of his (at the time) look alike half brothers. We had a bunch of blue roan colts sired by Little Kings Bagheera Buckeroo, surprisingly they ended up all shapes/sizes, but 1-3 months it was hard to tell them apart.

Well that's it for today.  I've started another post that will be a yawn for many on the coefficients of inbreeding/linebreeding used in dog breeding.  The principles are applicable to Minis (or any animal).  I'll hopefully have it done this week.

Stay dry!

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