Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Catching up

Still soggy.  I think we had about 15 minutes of sunshine over the weekend. Not really but it felt damp all weekend.  It's not been very cold, but then this is Northern California and we only get so cold in the valley.  Heck my grass, roses and weeds are still growing - and THE FLIES HAVE NOT ALL DIED!!!  Had to get that out, but a break from flying bugs would be a treat about now.

I was going to take some photos of how much grass we have, it's well past ankle deep (as can be seen when I come in from feeding soaked to the knees).  I'm glad for the grass, it keeps the horses busy in this blucky weather.  All of them seem to be doing fine.  I keep looking at the potential pregnant ones, and either they're all carrying tiny foals, hiding it well or aren't pregnant.  You know what, I'm fine with any three of those options!

I've been doing my annual review of what I'd LIKE to accomplish in 2011, what didn't happen in 2010 and trying to get a realistic what may happen.  Photo's of the horses has always been my big, giant, ginormous never gets done issue. I'm really hoping (and going to try actually scheduling it in my calendar) to get at least half photo'd.  Some of my breeding age mares are now 5-7 and the only decent photos are as foals.  The registration ones have been so pathetically bad, I'd hesitate to show them as people would likely have a '"you're breeding that?" thought or two.  Oh well.  I will admit my shortcomings - as the list is long.  I did get the video camera out too, and may see about posting videos on our site and YouTube.  It has been on the long goal list, but I think needs to move closer to the top!

I was really thrilled to have placed/sold so many horses this year and actually was in sight of the 30's in herd number, but the unexpected foals and rescues pushed me the wrong direction and we're ending the year at 53.  All is good though. At least we had a healthy nice foal crop and the rescues are at least in a better place.  So need to start hitting the selling in 2011 again.  So now it's time to come up with a list of 25+ names to put on the sales list!  I always struggle with that, and a couple of mares I had planned on keeping will likely be added in the spring.  It's never an easy call that's for sure.

On a good point, I've finally started working on our website.  I'm finally putting thought to it after having it sit in a deplorable state for nine months.  I think I'm going to have just a list page of horses we have owned or bred/sold (I try to keep records on every horse that has born or lived here for future owners), so the names will show up, but if people want info, they can contact me.  That will cut down on individual pages alot.  That and the reference horse section. I think I'm upwards of 800 photos now, and they're going on Flickr with a list on our site.  A lot less maintenance then.

That should cut down the 300 pages our site use to be to a manageable size.  I'm still working on a good individual horse page, as I want photos, pedigree, maybe a video and information all in a quick loading format.  Resizing photo's is such a joy....not.  It's bad enough getting decent ones then I have to resize so they'll load quickly.

But I think I have the basic structure laid out and hopefully it will make more sense. Now to get all the coding done - lol!

Another success today - AMHA & AMHR final envelopes are ready to go in the a.m.  I'll be caught up to this years foals and a couple of outstanding ones (Topper our grey & white pinto stallion that needs to be photos but is mud and grey most of the time now and a couple geldings), but nice fat packages for both registries.  I'm happy to have made so much progress with our backlog of registration I had when I started in June.  Not doing paperwork for two years bites.  It hurts time-wise, makes me look like a sloppy breeder, and my wallet has been screaming!!!  I hope AMHA & AMHR are thrilled - I think I've spent enough this year for a down-payment on a really nice car!

Other than that, time to let the dogs into the literal mud room. I'm tired of washing dog towels and blankets daily, and the wet dog odor, definitely tired of that!

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Year.

Best wishes for an improvement in our economy, get the troops home, everyone's family is safe and healthy, all breeding, showing and foaling is a success and may any horses we sell end up in fabulous lifetime homes!

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