Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Farrier Fun

The morning started out with the load noise of the workers spraying the orchard with clouds of I-don't-know-what, so I called Tomas to give him the heads up.  He didn't mind when he arrived so off to wrangle the days victims.  Yes, my horses (almost all) view farrier visits as some sort of torture I've devised to ruin their day.

Today is the babies first (or second or third) trims to we know it will be fun.  Thankfully Tomas has the patience of a saint and loves the babies.  Kiega is the first baby, although at five months old he's pretty substantial compared to month old Fifa.  Tomas trims a few mares while we're locating the appropriate foal sized halters (halter's disappear here faster than socks in a dryer), change out lead ropes - we're in favor of the thick soft cotton ones.  Foal size look good but, OMG rope burn and I don't have child-size hands.

Kiega is sure we're torturing him as we tie him next to his dam, while Bruiser and Fifa inspect the implement of torture (i.e. halter).  Then it's his turn.  Kiega is very sweet, personable and actually likes people - well not today.   He was out to prove the rodeo was missing a star!  Tomas picks up hoof one and he goes straight into Tomas and knocks him on his ass.  This is a first!  In all the years he's been here (two times a month for five plus years), and Tomas was caught off guard by the dingleberry.  Thank goodness he laughed about it.  Kiega then impressed us through his whole trim with his above the air moves, ability to rear and overall I'm going to be a real @#$%-head today!  He got me a couple times and almost landed on my broken toe, fortunately hitting the others.  His reward for such a great display of a temper-tantrum.  Dewormer and being tied up, messed with continually, while we did ALL the rest of the horses.

Fortunately the rest of the gang were in decent moods even with the noise (thank God it wasn't hot today!), and the mares were all done calmly and quietly.  Rose and Bruiser both did great for their second trims, very little antics and Rose (being female we're sure she's smarter!) did the best walking on the lead rope. Fifa surprisingly for his first time on a halter and getting trimmed was really good.  He's so funny, he'd plant his feet and close his eyes straining against the lead, but wouldn't notice when it was completely slack on the ground, as his concentration was so hard.  I'd talk to him, and it was an "Oh!  I'm suppose to be hating this moment."  He really is a nice colt, and it looks like the blue eyes are going to stay blue.

The worst news of the day, Woody is trying to founder again.  We don't know how or why he keeps cycling about every 3-5 months but he this is the third time.  Tomas is wondering if he's having early stages of Cushings (Woody is eleven), as we've really been keeping his weight down, he's on crappy pasture, gets plenty of exercise and only gets alfalfa for breakfast, but something isn't working right with him.

I'm of the opinion its bad genetics as Woody is our only horse that has such bad feet.  He grows so much toe, no heel and even trimmed you look and want to do something to them.  His sire's side though, had a few iffy foals (the D word), and we purchased Woody as a pet and he was gelded at nine months, which I've never regretted.

So, he's locked up with Charm and Lalique for the next....?  At least he has company, this time around.

On a good note, my favorite gaga mare - Silhouette - is in the backyard.  I'd have her in the house if I could, but at least she's in the backyard.  She's such a good horse, and is the last one I'd ever let go.  She has the most interesting personality, as I'm not sure she thinks she's a horse.  I've never actually seen her groom another horse, she tolerates her foals, but never misses them, and doesn't ever scream or nicker to be back in the herd.  She's perfectly content to hang out by herself, although she does have friends here, she's not particularly attached to any of them.

So, why is it so exhausting on farrier day when the farrier is doing on the work?  LOL!  I've yet to figure that out, but Tomas' visits wipe us out and it's all of 2-3 hours.  Next visit is in August, more mares and likely Woody to be checked again.

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