Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Viva Las Vegas Horse Show April 2011

Received this via email, and helping pass this along. Check out the Sponsorship Opportunities too!

Talk about an exciting new show coming up next year. Be prepared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I belong to and support several local horse clubs around the USA; the Southern California Miniature Horse Club is one of those. They have an exciting new show to unveil this next year.

This is got to be the most fun show I have had the privilege to promote in many years. And yes, as you probably guessed by the title it is in Las Vegas and being sponsored by the Southern California Miniature Horse Club.

Imagine being at a miniature horse show that has a climate controlled arena and stalls under a major hotel. You get done with some of your grooming and/or showing and you need to "freshen up"; what could be easier than to walk over to an elevator, push the button, and arrive at your own room for a shower, lie down for a while, or……get prepared to go see some exciting sights around town or more mini-showtime.

This show is to be scheduled April 22-24th in 2011 and will be held at the South Point Hotel/Casino/Spa. Some of you that are involved with Arabians are well aware of the annual event held by that association. This year, AMHA miniature horses will be shown under the same spot lights.

The last time I looked, I believe there are no less than 6 restaurants within this hotel property, hence you have an immense opportunity for a special dining experience before/during/ after you class times.

For those that want to be adventuresome, there is a shuttle service to get you down town to all the special events that you may want to intertwine with your Miniature Horse showing experience.

Got to http://www.lostspokeranch.com/vegas.html for viewing the brochure and for form downloads. Once the directors meeting is over (Dec. 3-4), we will know if other proposed classes will be added. At that time we will put the class list and entry forms.

If you wish further information, please do not hesitate to write me (Tommy) at ttthompson@theriver.com.

Again, be sure to MARK YOUR CALENDARS for April 22-24th next year.

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