Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Noominator

Noomi, our Great Pyrenees puppy,  is settling in well.

Yesterday was her first day off the leash, she's still viewing coming as optional, but we're getting her use to the routine.  She of course found her way into the boy's pasture and the lovely mud hole.  She came out looking like she was wearing go-go boots.  White dog and mud black legs.  It was funny and she thoroughly enjoyed it.

She's interacting with the dogs with no problems, and has met a number of the Minis and isn't aggressive at all.  She could care less about the cats, too.

Now the chicken, well Peep and her are working that out - supervised visits of course!

Our last chicken, Peep, survived the fox decimation of our flock last year, is naturally leery of canines.  She lost her tail to the fox, but survived otherwise and spends a good deal of time on the deck with the dogs in safety.  So, she naturally views, Noomi as a potential threat.

Noomi having never met a chicken before see her as a great toy or ?  Therefore we're working with them so Noomi will 'know' Peep is part of the family and Peep won't constantly be in a state of OMG!!!

The llamas are still keeping a careful eye on her, but have stopped their eerie vocalizing they did the first two days.

As far as puppies go though, she's great.  Very smart and picks up the routine easily here.

Saw this video on YouTube and thought it was cute -

Other news, we weaned Bruiser today, to his trauma.  Chaos left yesterday to his new home, were he's settling in beautifully.  Rose is left, but I've yet to figure out where to lodge Chiclet, as she's dropped the most weight with a foal, and needs extra feed.

Unfortunately we're in mid-redesign of our paddocks, so it's where she's at with Rose; out with the mares on the hill; or in with the two foundered ones (Woody and Charm).

Hopefully we'll have the fences/paddocks redone in the next couple of weeks and she can put on weight over the winter.

A thin horse here is almost unheard of here!

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