Thursday, November 04, 2010

Farrier vist

Tomas was out bright and early, fortunately I'd had coffee!

He gave me good news on Woody and Charm, both are progressing along well.  Charm's still growing alot of toe, but her hooves are finally starting to look normal.  Woody is progressing too.  Still has signs of founder, but standing in a more comfortable position and his hoof looks much improved.  Tomas suggested more exercise so we're turning them out into one of the larger paddocks - uphill. Hopefully this will help with keeping their blood circulating.

He also trimmed the foals (Bruiser and Rose), what a PiA Bruiser was today.  This weaning is making him excessively unhappy.  I've never had a foal react so badly.  He was sweaty, and pissy and just angry.  I finally relented.  He may be over six months, but he's not ready to be away from mom yet.  I guess he'll get weaned with Bambam.

We did separate Chiclet too, much to Rose's displeasure, she's in an adjacent pen, but Chiclet is getting to thin.  I really hate weaning a variety of aged foals. It's so much easier when they go as a group!  Chiclet doesn't seem to mind, she usually looks forward to her babies going 'bye-bye'.  She's now on free choice hay to get her weight back up.

Other than that the trimming was a breeze.  The rest of the gang it's so old hat they just cooperate.

Noomi was out loose with the Minis for the first time.  She was great and was tasted by Rose and April.  Apparently white dogs have a different flavor!  She took it all in stride and is doing wonderfully here, well except when she's in the house.  Apparently our chairs taste much better than her toys, so we're losing the front of one if we don't watch her carefully.

Work continues on re-arranging the front paddocks.  What seems so easy on paper is alot of work!  Hopefully once it's done it will be more user-friendly for feeding/water and storing boys and any sick horses.

My dream to wipe out all our fencing and start over.  Where is that lotto money?

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