Sunday, November 07, 2010

Rainy November morning

So we fell back today - I woke up earlier than usual add to that Daylight Savings time and I was up at o'dark-thirty, not a time I like to acknowledge ever.

The skies were clear at eleven last night and apparently became a mass of rain filled clouds that let loose. Everything had a nice soaking.  Add to that it's a tad cold, not windy at least.

I do love rain, it's good for the pastures and I love watching it and listenting to it.  But not working in it! Wet hay, wet me, wet dogs.  So the horses are all fed, I'm dry enjoying a cup of coffee with a splash of Frangelico (love that stuff at this time of year) and the dogs are drying in the laundry room.  It's amazing how many of our towels and blankets have been converted to dog 'stuff'.  I think I do more 'dog' laundry than I do for me!

Finally caught Leelee and Bruiser and have them back up front.  When that boy will accept weaning ... he's going to get weaned one day I swear it!  Likely with Bambam in a few months.  He's definitely the worst foal I've had in coming up twelve years with Minis.  He does not like to leave his mom.   Definitely the opposite of independent.

I was watching Bambam while feeding and he looks so much like a big horse in proportion - the legginess and short back, long neck.  I did notice he had a faint whitish strip (probably a few hairs wide) on the inside of his left nostril.  This should make his DNA/PQ more interesting.  I'm sure he'll be a B size.  Healthy and nice I can live with the height.  Not to complain about the B's but I want THAT look on a 30" Mini consistently!

I caught Comet too.  I'm not sure anything's wrong, but she seemed to be favoring her front leg a bit, I couldn't see anything wrong, not exceptionally warm, but with all the new grass growing from the rain, I do worry about founder.  So, she's up with Charm and Woody on a grass diet.  Not happy in the least, but she's there.

All my horses view anything but being out on the hill as torture.  Half acre paddocks are squeeze shoots in their opinions.  Silhouette is the only horse I have that doesn't mind being confined, well her and Little.  They both could live quite happily with very little other horse contact.  So yes, the princess is back up front too.

Noomi had a fun experience today, she found out when you're head is as big as the dog that just fit through a hole in the fence, you get stuck.  When Fence's Attack!  She was having a fit, and of course I'm two pastures away trying to get to her.  She finally unstuck herself and ran for the deck.  Poor baby, she really doesn't know how big she is, as she sees the Mini Aussies slip through holes she can't fit in and stands there with a puzzled expression.  Today she gave it a shot and found out it was NOT a good idea.

Now if it would get cold enough to kill the flies.  They've been horrid this past month, worse than all summer.  I know there is a reason for their existence, but it escapes me now.

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