Saturday, July 02, 2011

Wesco Farms Unique Toy4Me

One of our homebred mares came back last month, Wesco Farms Unique Toy4Me.  She's now seven and has been living with a good friend, Jen Davis of Imperial Acres.  Unique isn't really fitting with where Jen's breeding program is going, but Gemini (Wesco Farms Rowdys Gemini) is, so we traded the two.

Sired by Las Doradas AToy4Me2 out of Les Petites Avril, two horses I've always liked, Unique is a nice addition to our breeding program. Toy is one of those stallions I kind of wish I still had and Avril went to a retirement home last year at the age of 22, leaving me with a couple daughters, grand-daughters and a few great-grands.
Unique is a silver bay pintaloosa, one of the two Toy sired here.

Her two half sisters sired by Toy areWesco Farms Twila Toy4Me (bay roan) and Wesco Farms AToy4Me Brazen Beauty (bay pinto).

Her sisters' by her dam ET (Las Doradas Etiole de Mar) is one of our original mares, and Dresden (Wesco Farms Avrils Dresden Doll) is a Samis Roger Rabbit daughter.  They're both black, although Dresden does carry one dilute gene from Roger.

Wesco Farms Avrils Dresden Doll

Unique was a bit of a handful when she was younger, and when she was born she looked like a pretzel.  She had some serious bad leg issues which we attributed to the way she was laying inside her dam, having seen what both parents produced, we were fairly certain this wasn't a congenital issue.

Corrective trimming and lots of exercise she's almost dead straight in back now.

Unique was pasture bred to Bells Hollywood Heartbreaker, so maybe loud color come Spring 2012!

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