Tuesday, July 05, 2011

foal update

We grabbed the foals the other day and took a few photos.  I didn't clip them as with our weather I refuse to remove the foals protection from the sun and bugs.  So, we barely knocked the dirt off just enough to get updated photos.

It was hot, they weren't happy and very resentful for the implements of torture placed on their heads, i.e. halters.

So of the bazillion photo's taken we have a few 'okay' head shots.  We have a number of wonky, had bad can I stand, ears back, scrunched up necks, butt high I hate life photos!  My hat is off to photographers that take good animal photos, I do NOT have that talent.

Topper (WCR Top Cop) did good though with these three. They all have pretty heads, great conformation, his long neck and wonderful movement.  I wish I had used him this year.  Oh well more Topper foals in 2013 hopefully!

Now to get video of these three moving.  I'm very tempted to keep Jitters, as he's going to make an awesome driving/all around horse (likely gelding in my current mode!).  He's naturally curious and not afraid of anything, uses his neck and is willing to give his ears, unlike his sisters.  Bailey and Cricket in some of their photos look earless - lol!  But they both have that same gorgeous movement.  

Yeah Topper. Although credit must be given to Swan (Wesco Farms Rogers Lady Swan Song), Annie (Wesco Farms LM Rowdys Anticipation) and Val (Wesco Farms AToy4Me Brazen Beauty) for their input.  It's thrilling to see what the 'homebred' mares are producing the past few years.

Wesco Farms TC Ascended Allure "Bailey"

Wesco Farms TC Defiantly Different "Cricket"

Wesco Farms TC Up All Night "Jitters"

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