Thursday, September 30, 2010

September catch up

Well it's been a few weeks again.  What can I say - life gets busy!

First a belated Congratulations to all the AMHA World  & AMHR National contenders.  It's a ton of work and commitment to go to either show - so kudos to all the participants!

The horses have all been fine, not thrilled with the heat (100-104 last week), but they're getting hairy and doing well so that's good.

No major illness or injury (minor colic one day with Chaos - baby tasting everything), trimming has been a breeze with all the horses in extremely cooperative moods.  Life has been good.

We're planning on doing some re-fencing next month and think we have a usable plan, now its taking fencing out and hopefully putting it in a more logical fashion.  I don't know why when you move to the country even with the best intentions, stuff accumulates and pens get added and your property starts getting that cobbled together look. /sigh for unlimited income to do things right the first time.

This was a bit exciting today - a flock of wild turkeys.  We usually see groups of 1-3 and this was at least 20.  Anya and I were both fumbling with phone-cams so the photo didn't come out well, but at least she got one shot.  The funniest thing, I saw the tracks yesterday on the road and assumed it was one of the orchard trucks that had an unusual tire pattern - lol!  Yesterday we saw a huge group of quail (is it a covey or a bevy of quail?) in th same spot.  I guess our coyote population has been reduced as we're having much larger groups of wild life roaming around - yeah!

The big surprise this morning - no laughing is this was a very deja vu moment!  I went out to feed the horses and I noticed a 'black' mare on the hill with a few of her buddies, just hanging out.  Is that unusual?  When we're feeding - oh yea!  Finally the rest start coming down to eat and low and behold - it happened again!!!  Black mare with a baby.

I know don't laugh.  It's starting to be a pattern here!  Black mare coming down off the hills with a new foal!

I could tell it was Cookie, and apparently she is following in her mother and big sister's (ET & Una) smug 'who needs you human' attitude towards foaling.   She had apparently had her son - black colt, big star and one white hind fetlock - last night out on the hills. So that mean ET opened foaling season in February with a surprise and Cookie is closing it with a surprise.

The biggest surprise is, we've been watching Maria, Remy and Libbe all summer as they 'look' pregnant, and Cookie most definitely did NOT!  I was discussing breeding her next year - lol!

Took a couple of pics of the new boy, I'll add them later!

So more eventful happenings here.

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