Tuesday, September 07, 2010

It was a very uneventful Labor Day Weekend, which was extremely nice and relaxing.  I've been mentally replanning some of our fencing - just in case I win a secret lotto I haven't entered!  Once you've been somewhere for awhile you realize how differently you would do things.  But most of us keep cobbling together solutions instead of starting over from scratch.  I know I do, but time, energy and money play a factor!  So, I'm trying to figure ways to re-do some of our smaller paddocks without having to pull everything out (although it would be the best way!).  I definitely need a few smaller paddocks 40 or 60 x20 type for individual horses up to maybe 1/4 acre size.  Sticking 2-3 minis on 3-5 acres just to 'hold' them is a bit over-kill IMHO.  So, working on a solution!


We did have a fun time yesterday watching a hot air balloon passing behind our hills.  I'll put it in a separate post as there's a bunch of photos - but that guy had to have been almost in the water!  Too funny.  Fortunately the owner of the hot air balloon company is very careful with his pilots.  We've yet to have a mishap yet, a couple of close calls, but so far so good!  The horses don't even care about them, they're so use to the noise and sight almost every morning.


I received a video over the weekend from Christi Christofferson, Wesco Farms LM Blackwing Lair's, new mom.  'Junior" is learning to drive under Christi's careful training.  I'm so glad to see our horses end up in good homes!

Check out Christi's website C Bar M Ranch for more information on her training (and to see her GORGEOUS big horse Ace!


I also found our where one of our mares is now, Dena, Wesco Farms Ninjas 45 Dreams, is living with Shawn Hester at her ranch Hester Ranch Miniature Horses. And Dena, has been trained to drive too, and winning at her first show!  Go Shawn and Dena.  A thank you to Laurie Davidson at Heather Glen Farm for connecting us.  I always do like to know where our horses are and how they're doing.  I think I surprised Laurie and Shawn a bit by pulling out photos of Dena's parents, grandparents, and great grandparents - lol!  I'm such a packrat with my horse info!

I do always tell new buyers (and old!) please stay in contact, if you can't keep a horse, and I can't take it back, I will help you sell and I would like to be available as a  resource to any future owners too.



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