Monday, May 16, 2011

So what about this weather?

Here in Northern California its raining with highs of 50-60 during the day and expected tonight into the 40's.  Sorry that is WINTER weather here, not May!!!  Again, glad it's not 105, but What the ???

Fortunately it's not that cold nor raining that consistently, so the horses seem to be bearing it well.  I'm just very surprised at this unseasonable winter-like weather we're having.

On a bright note, some of the extra horse paraphernalia we've had around is selling - yea!  There's still alot left and I haven't even gone through blankets, magazines and a few other boxes in the garage of stuff.  The trickle of $$ is great as the transmission went out on the Mercedes over the weekend.  That's a chunk of change, but cheaper than new!  So, highly motivated right now to get things moving along.

We did start breeding last week, or should say put mares with stallions.  I'm not sure if it's the weather, inexperienced stallions (one his first time the other first time pasture breeding) bitchy mares or a combination, but not much happening out there!  Dance and Hollywood seem to 'prefer' the older cooperative mares, so we've seen them get covered but the younger mares seem to intimidate them a tad.  But we also have Demon in with two experienced broodmares (Dipper and Honeybun) and they're totally not interested in him.  Most of my mares are more of the 'bar fly' easy in general so I'm not sure what is up with all this attitude.  Then again, only a few foals next year is fine with me too!

I went to the feed store today to buy hay, and we're at $17.95 for a bale of alfalfa...bleah on that.  I of course was in such sticker shock forgot to pick up the 50lb salt blocks I meant to buy as well.  Oh well another trip this week.  I can see many trips in the next few weeks until the transmission is completed.

Today was also clean-out-the-old-meds day.  I haven't done that in awhile and found a couple of bottles from 2009! Yikes!  Everything is gone that was expired or close to it. So the meds cabinet is down to a handful of items and I'll need to restock some things.  I like having certain meds on hand (banamine, terramycin for eyes, etc.), but tend not to give antibiotics or other drugs without vet approval or guidance.  I don't ever want to make something worse or make an error.  It always concerns me how many people 'assume' what someone else had happen what is wrong with their horse too.  Simple things I'm covered on but any major stuff, I'd like a vets opinion.

Facebook, Lil Beginnings and a few other places have been very active with the recent outbreak of EVH1, equine herpes outbreak.  It's a big concern as it is the neurological kind.  It apparently came up at a Cutting Horse Show, but everyone should be cautious and take precautions if they're showing or having horses transported.  When the horse has a fever is when it's transmittable.  See the National Cutting Horse Association for the latest news.

Otherwise all is quiet here.  Baily, Cricket and Jitters (yes the colt has a name) are doing great and evidently enjoy playing in the rain and rolling in the damp, not quite mud dirt, so they're a lovely brownish color.  Woody is still doing okay and was actually moving around quite well the past couple days.  I'm wondering if the damp softer ground is helping with his feet.

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