Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Memorial Weekend.

So what about this weather?  The middle states are getting hit by wild tornadoes and before that flooding.  Out west we're still getting rain and snow and it's almost June!!!  Did the earth tip and no one mentioned it?  My big concern in NorCal is that we're going to hit a couple of triple digit days, the snow melts, the valley floods.  I hope it doesn't happen, but all those developers that built on the flood plain around Sacramento, what can I say - brilliant...not.

Which BTW if you'd like to donate to some of the Mini breeders in Oklahoma that got hit - Davie Kilman is helping to organize it.  Read more at LB.

Just read this on another blog about UC Davis Extension Courses. termed Feducation for Fun + Education.  Check it out.

We dragged Dazzle out of the pasture the other day and gave her a quick groom up.  She has her sire's long long mane and tail, and what a sweetie as far as personality.  I wish she had better conformation (my taste), but she's not horrible, just not 'it'.  (No she's not pregnant, just very fat, which I've discussed below).

Breeding here this year has been, what's the word, odd?  I've never had stallions have such a lack of interest in mares.  Is it the weather or what?  I don't know but I'm about ready to end it.  Across the board the stallion attitude seems to be 'meh' maybe I will, soon, someday, maybe.  So, I may have a very brief breeding season, which I'm totally fine with.  Yes I want to see Dance foals next year, but if I get one or two, I'm fine with that.

Did anyone else follow the online auction at Olympian Ranch that ended yesterday.  I was appalled, shocked and surprised at the truly low prices that showed online for those horses.  Olympian breeds nice quality Minis and I was dumbfounded in this market that more buyers weren't jumping at the opportunity to own horses of that calibre for a fraction of what I've seen them sell for.  Wish I had less to support a few mares and a couple of stallions I would have been bidding on!

Otherwise life is good, the horses are still too fat, and I'm trying to 'thin' them down without them getting sick from their perception that I'm starving them.  But ALL the mares except maybe three could drop 15-50 pounds (a few more than that!).  If I was raising cattle I'd be ecstatic!!  But butcher-fat Minis need to be a bit trimmer.  I'm not going for show ring ready, but OMG not are they all 8 months pregnant look either!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Memorial again.

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