Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Miscellaneous Monday 5-31-10

Busy the past couple of week.  Our website is up, but only the basic pages.  I'm taking a CSS class this summer so I'm holding off adding back much of the information and individual horse's pages until then. It will make life easier to change things after I'm better with my CSS skills.  If anyone does need information on our horses, please contact me - I have it all - including all the reference horse page information.  Which I've been debating about loading all the photos on a Flickr or PhotoBucket account.  Being a pedigree junkie I always love looking at the ancestors of my horses.

Foaling season is dragging on, as we're still waiting on Libbe, Maria and Baybee to foal.  So much for the theory on keeping older mares pregnant! First ET, now Maria (24).  Both haven't been bred in 5+ years and one night of fun with (I'm suspecting Frenchie with the three remaining), and we're having a foaling season.

We did take Topper's mares out last week, so he had about 3 weeks to do his magic.  As this was his first time pasture breeding we'll see which of the mares did get covered.

Took some photos a week or so ago FINALLY of Ringo (thanks again Jenn for helping out!).  

It was about time considering all I had were yearling ones and he's now seven!  These are right out of the field, unclipped, so he's a bit flyaway looking but at least we have a few.  

We've been very happy with Ringo's foals - he's picked mares well - lol!  Although we'll be happy if he doesn't decide to jump the fence this year!  I'm considering rebreeding him to Una next year, as her daughter is just lovely.  A gorgeous B mini that everyone that comes out wants to buy.  


* GOOD BITE -  Missed the judge but got the steward

* EXCELLS IN MOVEMENT - when she spooks, she can pass any horse in the ring

* THREE GOOD GAITS - And four we cannot name

* HANDLED EXCLUSIVELY BY - No one else can get near him

*AT STUD TO APPROVED MARES -All those in season

* TERRIFFIC PEDIGREE - Old champion Whats is name is twice in the fifth generation

* GOOD BROODMARE - Don't dare try to show her in the ring

* LOTS OF DRIVE - Untrainable

* GREAT STALLION PROSPECT - Will breed anything from the neighbor's cow on up

*PLAN ON BREEDING NOW - Call the stud owner two days before your horse is in season

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