Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our Website

We're moving - the website that is! has been hosted at for years, and I would highly recommend Homestead for anyone starting a website as it's super easy to use, zero downtime and just user friendly!

But, there comes a point that you outgrow some things, and that includes site hosts. So, we're moving to over the next month or so. When the actual 'change' occurs our site will be down for approximately a week. I'm planning to put the sales list on our blog so it is accessible during the move (it will show up on Facebook too).

If I can get everything working the way I'm envisioning (lol!!!) we'll have a new look, trimmed down appearance and hopefully have the blog linked directly to the site.

Soooo, bear with us. It will be a positive change, even though alot of @#%#%$ language is likely to be used while I'm doing it!

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