Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Foal update...

A couple days late, (this flu is kicking my butt), so photos have not been high priority.  This is LeeLee's (Las Doradas Blazing Beauty) colt sired by fence jumper extraordiniare Ringo (Wesco Farms BuckeRowdyRoo).  A perfect match to Kiega!

 Leelee isn't overly thrilled about this or the dogs lurking in the background.  Although the dogs have a very healthy respect for the minis flying hooves and hang out literally under hoof during farrier visits - new babies are another story!  She's still in 'new mom' mode.

This is as yet to be named colt getting his daily molesting. He's strong and very tenacious, just like Kiega - I see driving in these two's future!!  Hmmm - matched pair blue roans = awesome!

Nice pedigree on this guy too! Ringo being a Buckeroo/Rowdy grandson (his sire is Juniors full brother) and LeeLee is a daughter of World Champion Little Kings Bay Ablaze (doa 2009) who is heavy Blue Boy while her dam was linebred Gold Melody Boy/Hashs Comet/Merry's Golden Mohawk - those gorgeous palomino Shetlands!

As the flu is pretty much fogging the brain, I haven't came up with a name yet.  Although as I've been reading the Histories by Herodotus on my iPhone, it won't be surprising if mysterious ancient Greek names appear this year!  Titan, Titus, Taras, Timon ....


Next on board we think is Baybee - she's very round, but no bag.  She's starting to get the V from the side view too. She's a maiden so we're hoping everything goes well.  She's been paying lots of attention to LeeLee and her baby so hopefully has picked up some pointers - lol!

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