Friday, May 01, 2009

Regular stuff

Had the farrier out, the gentleman with the backhoe and on the phone with two potential buyers so fairly normal day!

Lady was laid to rest next to Shakira and Tangerine (my only adult minis we've lost so far) in their valley.  It far from our house/well (anything actually), but somewhere we go by daily.  

Farrier visit
My farrier (Tomas Hererra - if you're in the Sacramento are he's awesome) was out.  As we'd had Lady pass, the three foals, Ringo needing more running room - the boys we intended to trim turned into trimming mares instead.  I had bribed my son to help (money speaks to starving college students), so all I had to do was help catch and deworm - yea 3 hours of sleep I'm cool with not standing around holding horses for the farrier!  Especially as I had my son working and Tomas was feeling good he did 17 minis versus our usually 12-14.  We're a bit behind with weather and health issues this year, so some were getting awful looking.  

I decide too, that as my son was here, its a good time to do Cajun - catching her requires a catch pen and two people as I've seen her knock a full grown mini mare off her feet trying to get away - she's a nightmare trim - I would post photos of how we tie her (for her safety and ours) but PETA would like be picketing me - she's that bad!  You have to cross tie Cajun and tie up one foot to get near her back legs, even then she'll try to sit like a mule if she can or lean on you - it's oh so NOT fun!

Fortunately Tomas deals well with her and isn't resentful about having to trim her.  He does alot of petting and talking to her, while she does alot of glaring back and sending out hate body language messages!  Tomas is very good with the minis, never abusive which I've seen in the past (part of her problem the guy that trimmed her as a foal I found out!)  We've tried bribing her with carrots, treats, etc., I've even had Bonnie Fogg read this mare and its just her personality.  She doesn't care for humans and lets you know it!

After she was trimmed, I said goodbye to Tomas and told him I'd see him in two weeks and went to feed the rest of the herd.

I think we may have a great home for Peanut - yeah.  I wonderful family that does not want to breed is considering her and we're thinking it might be a good fit.  Peanut is one of those mares that just doesn't do it for me on the conformation scale and I don't want her ending up in a breeding program just because she's small and buckskin, so this seems like it might be an ideal situation.

I think it's naptime again.  Three more weeks . . .

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