Monday, May 11, 2009

New foal!!

Another filly - yeah!  And a total surprise one at that - 

Wesco Farms Count Your Blessings BR
This is Ringo's first foal (Wesco Farms BuckeRowdyroo:  Little Kings Bagheera Buckeroo x NFC Rowdys Lil Chiclet), and he apparently made good on my promise last year that I would breed him to two mares with his fence jumping twice last summer to get in with these mares.  

Una (Wesco Farms Bella Luna: Las Doradas American Eagle x Las Doradas Etoile de Mar) and he have always had a moon over the fence thing going on, so not surprised she was the one he covered!  Hopefully the only one!   She apparently didn't listen when I told her she could be done foaling last year with her son Shaman.

I have two more mares that we're watching that will now go on the 'who's your Daddy testing' list. The other nine mares were not bred back last year, but will be suspect and thoroughly checked and watched for the next two weeks.   Well Ringo's June 19 & 23 fence visits from last year extend my foaling season.   
As for Miss Una, she apparently hid being pregnant very well (versus Cajun who now looks 'un-pregnant' again) and did a fine job foaling out too!  

Mother's Day a.m., Frank ran an errand and came home said all the horses were up on the hill - should have been a sign go see what theyr'e doing as they only congregate on top with a birth or some other exciting event.  As a Mother's Day present my daughter fed the horses for me, so apparently either missed the little stranger or Una didn't come down with the rest of the herd and someone miscounted!  

I was totally spoiled for Mother's Day (slept in, no chores, breakast made by my hubby, my son washed my car in/out, flowers, chocolates and letters from the kids - great day!), there was no indication the horses were doing anything out of the ordinary.  We rarely see them during the day at this time of year as once they go back out they only come down in the evening for water, so didn't suspect a thing!
So today when I'm out feeding I notice Una, Annie and this little black stranger.  Annie came down to eat and Una made her way down once the rest were busy with their piles.  So we caught her (thinking she'd just had it), but this was a very robust I'm-not-just-born foal!  We locked them up and she's been doing laps racing around, very independent little girl!  All legs (a definite B mini) the Shetland blood is showing in this cross - lol!  Otherwise a nice looking foal.  Doesn't have the big bug eyes I like, but otherwise well put together.
What bothers me - I've been sleepless for weeks watching the wrong horses - lol!!  I've been watching Missy (Una's half-sister) for a week sure she's having it, but no!! 

There is comedy in this somewhere, right?  


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