Sunday, July 24, 2005

We'll be going home tomorrow and I'm ready as are the horses. Lots of wonderful horses here at the Show, but boy the lack of courtesy, kindness and just plain being a good sport isn't always evident!

We had the chance to watch a few of the trainers, and the list is getting slimmer on which I would use. Rudeness out of the ring, or borderline horse abuse - not acceptable here!

Roger placed 3rd in his class, we were hoping for Top Five, so can't complain. I do think he was better than the 2nd place horse, but two of the three judges didn't! It would have been nice to have had a Reserve in his height class. I guess we should have worked out a plan for his showing this year, instead of this being only the second show and the second time he's left our property!

Everyone seems relieved the show is over - it's been a long few days - but we're having a good dinner together.

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