Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Ready for Reno

We have the horses as ready as they can be - washed, clipped, heads done, all their gear packed and the trailer ready. It's still over 100 here, so we're taking them unblanketed - and probably dirty to Reno. We'll rewash the girls when we get there so they'll be ready for Thursday's classes.

We came home in the afternoon to find Sonnet and Starry Night decided that Roger needed to be in with him, so pushed the gate open enough for him to squeeze through. He of course spent the hot afternoon racing around arguing with Ben through the fence (getting a banged up nose for his efforts) and some how managed to cut his back open. So, another addition to the stallion report! Our lovely show horse - hopefully we'll be able to cover his new cut up before Sunday!

The rest of the horses had a wonderful time getting squirted. It's amazing how many of them really enjoy water! It's funny watching the new babies - they don't get it while their mom's are getting soaked!

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