Thursday, December 01, 2011

Off to Oz!

What's with this wind?  OMG!

It tore the tarp off one shelter into shreds - one of those can withstand mega wind type tarps!  Apparently it never was meant for the winds of Winters! LOL!

It also destroyed a rubbermaid storage building - lost the roof and a door - what a waste, then a stand of decorative pots went flying and shattered across the deck.  Bleah!

Hopefully this will pass by tonight, I think I wore more hay then the horses got to eat sadly this morning too.

On a brighter note:

The grass is growing, horses are healthy and it's sunny if not warm!

Our newest puppy,  Pup-Pup (yea we're so creative with names at times), is doing great.  She's already wanting to be a watcher with Auntie Noomi.  Pup-pup is a 3/4 Pyrenees 1/4 Maremma sweetie.  Here she is with my daughter Anya.  She's 12+ weeks old and loves to be outside.  A bit skeptical about the horses though as she's been chased by a couple and bit by one.  But she has a nice bark on her already.

Mini News:

I hope everyone read the news on AMHR half-price for hard-shipping from AMHA in 2012!  I know I have a couple that will finally get done!

We did reprice some of the horses on our sales list, and will be working on updating our website this month and adding more.  I finally came to the conclusion if I only want 25-30, ALL the rest need to go on the sales list then!

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