Saturday, November 12, 2011

Week in review

Fairly slow week.  The horses are hairy and settling in for winter.  Tomas (farrier) surprised me this week  - yes I write down our appointments - but look at the calendar ... NO!

So, we got the boys all trimmed and de-wormed.  Stallions are so much easier to trim than the mares.  I was hoping to geld a couple more of the boys, but I don't think the funds are there at the moment sadly.

A recent addition to our family - Noomi's niece (out of her sister Jaz) joined us.  So we're going through puppy-hood again!  We're still trying names on her and haven't settled on one.  She's 3/4 Pyreness and 1/4 Maremma.  She's already bigger than our Mini Aussies.

The other exciting news - Anya passed her DMV test, so I'm officially off taxi duty!  Now I don't have to worry about her driving me, just her driving solo!  She's having a great time and is off on daily runs.  Nice to have someone that can run to the store for milk now - lol!

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