Monday, February 07, 2011

Good weather and Mini fun

We've been experiencing unseasonably warm weather - mid to high 60's for over a week now.  And I'm thoroughly enjoying the sun and lack of mud!

I do feel for the rest of the USA seeing the awful snow and ice storms passing through and the resulting damage. I can't imagine having to deal with ice to that degree - did that for a few years when I lived in Indiana - but didn't have horses!

The horses have been keeping me on my toes though, and I am looking for work for them as fence stress testers!  I swear the little @%%^ angels can make holes and gates in about anything!  Last week I had six horses in with the mares/foals pasture, and apparently the hog panel clips that hold cattle/hog panels together hadn't been tested on Mini determination!  So, I let them all out on the hill.  The mares that have been locked up for months (they think they're suffering on an acre or so of pasture) took the babies on a tour.  They're all safely locked up again after a few days of romping on the hills.

Unfortunately two of the rescues we got back a couple of months ago are NOT interested in being locked up!  I had to go find Celena and Baroness, I guess a few years of small pens at the previous owners was enough for them.  I can't entice those two down off the hill even for hay.  Fortunately we do have a season creek that runs through the property, and they seem perfectly content to wander around out there.  I would just like more groceries in Celena, she's still very very thin, although her belly is getting her normal layer of fat on it!

We finally have Leelee separated from Bruiser, much to her dismay. Her almost yearling son, is finally getting weaned - yeah!  She's not happy about it at all, but it's time. At the beginning of March he and Bambam will be moved into a separate pasture waiting for Binks to get old enough to wean. (Did I say NO MORE Fall foals?  I really really mean it!!!)

Ray, one of our first foals and pet gelding, coliced last week. No idea why, but it was two days to get him to pass poop and get the gas out.  You could here the gurgling in his gut of air moving around.  He's still confined in the backyard, but he's deflated and has been fine for a week, so time to go back out!

McLuvin, escape artist extraordinaire, was out in the orchard yesterday grazing away on knee high grass.  He'd made a McLuvin size hole in the fence and was having a private party.  Fence being refabriced this week, to McLuvin proof it.  He's on my short list to get into UCD for gelding.  Fortunately he's easy to catch as he's so people oriented.  You call him and he'll come, plus like his mom, grab a handful of mane and he'll walk along like a perfect gentleman.

The farrier is out Wednesday, so hopefully I can finally get registration photos done of Topper.  We're mud free, he's wooly but at least we can see his markings without the mud color adding to the fun.

That was last weeks fun - lol!  It's never dull....

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