Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's cold!

It's been cold here, okay not as cold as other areas in the country/world, but for the valley in Northern California it seems colder than normal!  I'm wrapped up like I'm in Siberia most of the time.  I think I'm starting to get the 'snow-birds' idea of heading to warmer climates in the winter - lol!

Monday was extremely bitter cold hovering right at freezing, so had to snap a few pics.  The first is a saw I'd left out overnight (sawing down some very aggressive vines) the other is Fraiser one of our Aussies.  I tried to catch the sun coming up against all the frosted everything, and one of our dogs Sabrina, she actually had frost on her back (she was on coyote duty), but nothing came out well, so delete!

The horses seem to be bearing up well in the cold, and fortunately the buckets aren't freezing solid every day. Today I caught Binks and Bambam right after they were done playing having a nap - they're so darn cute, although I'd gladly pass on every having Fall foals again.  Now to get my mares and stallions to read this little FYI!!!

Over the weekend I did have a surprise.  I was out feeding and as I'm walking along talking to the mares and giving the visual once over as I head towards the hay barn, I notice Cookie has developed a white star.  Surpise!  Not Cookie.  Somehow Una managed to get into another pasture and we still don't know how.  No holes in the fences or gates and Una is a good 37", so how she managed is beyond me.  Since she hasn't weaned her now two year old daughter, Blessings,  so I think good idea a bit of separation.  Apparently that's what I thought...

Surprise! Guess who's in with mom Monday morning?  However they achieved this, it was a one way deal as they haven't left yet and we really can't figure out how.
IMHO, I think Una is trying for a repeat with her true love Ringo.  She's staring at him in this photo.  Tomorrow is eviction day.  I've explained to Una that all the 'plan' is to re-breed her to Ringo in May and we don't want anymore winter foals. I hope she was listening.

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