Friday, June 05, 2009

Road trip

We (daughter and I) did a road trip to Bakersfield to deliver Missy and son to their new home. Missy aka Las Doradas Miss American Pie is an overo bred mare that I've really enjoyed having here for the past couple years. Her former owner, Penny Radulivich, did a great job working with her and Missy is easy to handle.  She's a superb broodmare (easy foaling, lots of milk, etc.), with the added bonus - I love her pedigree as she's an American Eagle daughter! One of the few left in the USA. She'll be missed here, but went somewhere she'll be appreciated.

The weather has been nice so it wasn't nearly as hot as we'd expected, but I still had the AC blowing in the van keeping us cool - so I thought! We arrived to Missy very sweaty, but otherwise okay, and her colt apparently no worse for wear from the five hour drive. He's been a very robust, self assured little guy with such a beautiful springy trot, almost wish we hadn't sold him - lol!

We visited a bit with Brooke and her horses then back on the road for the return trip. It's a fairly quick 1.5 hours to Coalinga and the the required stop at Harris Ranch for filet mignon! Harris Ranch makes definitely on the top 5 steak places I've been anywhere in the world, so we always stop either going/coming from Southern California.
Happy and very full we made it home in less than 12 hours with stops.

I love delivering in the van versus pulling a trailer. Not necessarily the odor (I'm sure we're a joy out in public - lol), but being able to drive at freeway speed, we can see/hear the horses and it's much easier to park, get gas, etc. Just love it over the truck/trailer! I need to do is take photos of the modifications to the van. I can't take credit for any of them, but I'm thrilled with what was done!

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