Sunday, October 16, 2005

Trip down south

We took Gala to her new earlier today, and then continued on to Oceanside for a mini trip - we're spending some time with friends and doing some LA educational stuff.

Gala was a bit of a pain loading, she lay down on the trailer ramp and refused to go in the scary trailer. 45 minutes and three of us forceably lifted her in - against her will too.

She did well on the trip down south, but was obviously tired by the time she got off the trailer. It is a long ride, especially for a horse un-use to travel. Considering this was the first trip off our property and her first in a trailer she did amazingly well.

She settled in to her new digs quite quickly and seemed very interested in her new boyfriend - a pretty pinto stallion. The rest of the horses were obviously well cared for, so I'm sure she'll love all the attention from Donna and Bob. It was sad to leave her there, as she'll be missed, but I know she'll enjoy herself.

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