Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Good news of sort

Heard from the vet, Roger's spinal tap didn't have any cancer cells and appears normal, so hopefully not EPM or WNV. We'll find out tomorrow more.

That is good news, unfortunately this is ruining his going to AMHR Nationals in September. I can't image he'll be recovered by then, plus he needed to go to one more show before then. Oh well, home and healthy is the best.

We did start weaning today - Annie, Jazz, Penny and Dazzle are getting weaned. We left Lady and Starry Night in with them and their babies as monitors! Bonnie could be weaned too, but Starry Night does need a bit more weight on her, so we'll do this after she's had a month of Equine Junior supplements.

As Ben will be leaving soon, we put Celena and Lalique in with him. Celena was very thrilled, but little Jack wasn't to certain about his two new buddies - Monsoon & Topaz - Ben's babies from this year. They were fascinated by him though!

We'll wean the next group in September.

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