Sunday, April 11, 2010

Clean up and uncovering stuff

Spent most of the day cleaning up old files on the PC.  Good thing to do on a really wet day.  I'm so glad the pregnant mares are holding out on foaling. Hate slogging through mud.  Bruiser was really put out this morning with the rain and refused to go out.  Just screamed at his dam, for being crazy enough to wander around in the rain to eat!

While I've been cleaning up the harddrive (getting ready to reformat this PC), I did uncover some gems that I've had stored away for years!  It's amazing what I keep... everything from feeding, to breeding to equine humor, etc.  Some of the old e-newsletter I sent out a few years back.

So, I've been redoing, updating some and will posting them on the blog.  I am crediting authors if known, and will definitely note those I haven't a clue who wrote them - so if anyone reads something that they can tell me the source I'd be thrilled to now that!  I'm also going to start listing just a few of the photos I've had stored for years - I think it's 500+ photos of Minis collected over the years.

Last night had the Kiega and Bruiser in the backyard.  They're so adorable together.  Fiesty little pair and take after Ringo - constantly dropped, checking out the mares!  Kiega is the friendlier of the two, but Bruiser will learn. 

Still watching Baybee and Chiclet.  I know Baybee is going to be hard to judge when she's due as we don't have a cover date, and she's a maiden.  Remy I seesaw - pregnant, fat, pregnant, fat.  So we're treating her as pregnant.
I did notice Libbe looks rounder than I she should be, but at this point I think everyone's secretly pregnant. 

Everyone is suspect to me!

The most PG looking horse here though is Ray, our gelding.  He's the old style mini and overweight as it is.  He loves his hay and doesn't miss feeding time ever.  He's one of the few that I've ever forced on a diet as he can get so chunky, so quickly.

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