Thursday, April 29, 2010

Random photo's today

Took the camera out to "try" to take photos with the results most are of nostrils, noses, horses chewing or butts! A few not headed directly for delete follow.

View from one of the pastures.  It would make a wonderful backdrop to the posed photos if we ever get those taken.  Las Doradas Calypso Queen (left) and her daughter Wesco Farms Jamaica Me Crazy (right).  Two of the under 28" Minis here.

West Coast Buena Callita, 22 years young.  We retired her, but she's still cycling and in good body condition so .... maybe a date with WCR Top Cop this year. If she's guarantee a filly I'd happily breed her!  She's always been fairly heavy producing colts, though.  I only have Baybee here, who is expecting in the next few weeks.

Wesco Farms ET's Secret Affair aka Keiga (top).  His blue roan is showing through his rubbed spots. Two months old and thinks he owns the world. Bruiser's roan isn't showing yet but he's not into using everything including humans as scratching posts. I'm leaning towards Bruiser's registered name Wesco Farms Twist of Fate, as if Ringo wasn't a jumper he wouldn't be here!

Wesco Farms April Sunshine BB (Bonus Bucks x Sarah) and Wesco Farms While You Were Sleeping FF aka Surprise (Frenchie x Twila).  Both are yearlings with close to 7" height difference. April is under 27" while Surpise is taller than her dam Twila and I'm going to hold my breathe she stays under 34".  Surprise's color? Silver buckskin?  We're still not sure. April will be off to Colorado in June.  We're going to miss her. One of those if the deal falls through - it would be a win - ROFL!

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