Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Horse Humor (or Miscellaneous Monday)

You have two small bags packed and your horse has a trunk of clothes and half a pickup load of equipment.

You run a comb through your hair once in a weekend and call it good and then spend 2 hours a day - banding your horse's mane, combing out his tail, sanding his feet and applying hoof polish to show in a dirt arena.
- Your horse smells better than you.
- Your horse dresses better than you.
- Your horse eats better than you.
- Your horse gets more sleep than you.

People know your horse's name, his parents' names, his show record, etc. but all they know about you is "Aren't you the person who owns (insert your horse's name)?"

You spend hundreds of dollars on shavings, stall rent, entry fees, etc. and then can't decide whether you should buy a large or small lemonade for yourself.

You can sprain your ankle, break 3 fingernails, get a mild concussion, sprain your back, have someone back into your truck, get food poisoning, heatstroke, sunburn, lose your dog, lose your kid, and still call it a successful weekend because your horse won his class!

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