Wesco Farms Miniature Horse - Stallions

Most of our stallions live in a bachelor herd year-round in a 5 acre pasture, if they are not used for breeding.  Oz and Ringo are generally kept separated for breeding season as they take things more seriously than the rest!  

As they live on acreage they have access to pasture, salt block, trace mineral & selenium blocks as well as fresh water at all times.  They are fed daily a grass/alfalfa mix as well. 

As with all our horses, the boys are on a regular schedule for trims and deworming and vaccinations.

Fallen Ash Farms Scouts Oscar - Oz
SIRE: L & D Scout
DAM: FWF Texas Bluebonnet

Sired by the famous L&D Scout of the prolific producer FWF Texas Bluebonnet, Oz has it all - National Top Ten and Hall of Fame (HoF) with AMHR; proven sire of International known foals (making their own names in New Zealand and in Europe); great pedigree (his sire is still in the top Five Futurity Producers - all wrapped up in a beautiful true black pinto with awesome presence and movement.

His 2014 foals are all maturing as we'd hoped - dead gorgeous! We have another Oz crop coming in 2016!!!  

WCR Top Cop - Topper

SIRE: Lucky Four Andys Color Card 
DAM: Gallery Original Pharos Cleopatra

Top Cop is simply stunning!  He has excellent conformation, his sire's long neck, and what a gorgeous head!  All of this along with a wonderful sweet disposition!!!

Topper is also a Multiple National All Star Top Tens, AMHA Honor Roll AOTE Stallion and NWMHC Hi Point .  He has done well in halter both open and amateur as well as color.

Double bred Boones Little Andy. Topper's three 2015 foals were as gorgeous as the 2011 foal crop!  We are retaining his daughter Lola for our breeding program.

Wesco Farms BuckeRowdyRoo - Ringo
SIRE: Little Kings Bagheera Buckeroo
DAM: NFCs Rowdys Lil Chiclet

Ringo is a gorgeous blue roan grandson of Buckeroo and Rowdy.  He has a steady good mind, wonderful personality, great conformation, is easy to handle with gorgeous movement and is one of our favorites.

We've held him for potential breeding but hadn't decided which mares to breed him to.  He made the decision for us in 2008, jumping the fence and breeding Una, siring an outstanding filly - Wesco Farms Count Your Blessings.  2009 he apparently repeated his stellar jumping performance and used some creative through the fence technique to cover both LeeLee and Etoile.  

Trinket, was another fence jump, and he covered his daughter Blessings.  We now keep Ringo in 'Ringo-proof' fencing at all times!

We did have two Ringo foals in 2015, Mimi and Rocky - that we actually bred on purpose - for the combined driving potential of the parents.

Buckey WCF Dance All Night - Dance (Jelly)

SIRE: Flying W Farms Little Wardance

DAM: Buckeye WCF Dance Until Dawn

Dance is a gorgeous bay son of Little Wardance, that is already a proven sire of exceptional foals.  He has the wonderful genetics as well as solid conformation, stretchy neck, tight throatlatch, fantastic dishy head, teacup muzzle and big bug eyes.

He is double bred Little Wardance as well as having Blue boy and Egyptian King in his pedigree.

Wesco Farms Ozs Venetian Agenda - Dixon
SIRE:  Fallen Ash Scouts Oscar
DAM: Wards Creek Extreme Dream

Dixon combines the fabulous bloodlines from both his parents into a dynamic stallion.  We're keeping Dixon as a future breeding stallion and will likely test him on a couple of mares in 2017.