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Scurry Races

I received this as from the Northwest Miniature Horse yahoo group and thought some would find it interesting.
Looks great and lots of fun Amy!

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Mon Apr 19, 2010 7:45 am (PDT) 


Ally and I attended the Scurry Races at Heron Landing Farm in Fall City yesterday. It was amazing fun!

Pam is thinking of making it a monthly event and part of a series. If you are afraid it will ruin your driving horses' trot, don't be! Just look at how Ally stretches into a beautiful walk right after her run. The galloping and turning has done nothing but improve her.

Her balance is exceptional!

There is one pattern called the Weaves, where you weave around cones. Ally has learned to change leads each time, she skips like she is dancing! I really hope that the NW drivers will support this new activity. Come and play next month! We are also having the EI Driving Trial and Pleasure Pace at Pam's farm on June 5, with lessons from Drew Callahan on June 4 and 6. It is a superb place to drive, wonderful footing, very safe. I hope plenty of people put these events on their calendar.

Here is a video of Ally and I in our last run of the day, the Jackpot!

To learn more about Pam's farm: http://www.horse-medicine.org/home.html
To learn more about the EI event:

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